Welcome to Esteticas British shorthairs

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes Esteticas

Breeder of British shorthair cats in Sweden, with the colours shaded silver, chinchilla, shell and shaded golden, also named british tipped. Here you will find lots of photos, pedigrees and other info. We sometimes have kittens for sale.

Currently we have the C-litter.

News & updates

New photos of the kittens!2014-09-10
New photos of C-litter, 12 weeks old.
S*Esteticas Bimini was Best In Show on both Saturday and Sunday in Luleå this weekend. Many congratulations to the cat and her owner!
Older news & updates
Happy New Year 2007
CH S*Esteticas Golden Grace and S*Esteticas Golden Boy (Tusse) 7 weeks christmas
CH&PR S*Esteticas Xenon (Churchill), S*Esteticas Xenedra (Mia) and S*Esteticas Xerxes 9 weeks julkort97
Z-, A- and B-litters julen98
GIC Holtas Lindus 10 months snö
IC S*Esteticas Iris snö
Julkort-- nr 99
Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra) snö
S*Esteticas Epeli Esko (Nallo) 5 weeks